Provincial’s Message

At the outset let me thank Almighty God for His infinite love and blessings that has always been showered upon our institution. I consider it as a pleasant privilege to write this message for our website. Educated citizens are the strength of a nation that can develop socially, financially, politically
and morally while establishing social justice and equality among all the people. It is a continuous process of all-round development of learners which includes authentic learning, critical thinking, personal enlightenment, and many more multifarious aspects which contribute an inexhaustible list. In pursuit of excellence,
our school is striving hard to inculcate in our students strong moral values combining with academic brilliance, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. This we believe will enable our students to become qualified, matured, and balanced citizens to emerge courageously into the ever changing and ever evolving global society.

School education has got a fundamental role to play in constructing a solid foundation for successful higher education, intellectual development and deciding the future career of the individual. In order to attain the set goals of the students along with fulfilment of the expectations of parents and society, our efforts should be
a shared commitment among qualified and dedicated teachers, motivated and enthusiastic students, and supporting parents. Supportive and encouraging environment should be provided at home as well as at school to let the children forge ahead to pursue their dreams.

Our efforts are to establish a value based system of education with high disciplinary standards that will ensure the growth of our children to their full potential. They will be constantly groomed to pass out as men and women competent to bear responsibility in all walks of life, as they cherish the values of compassion, forbearance
and justice. Let me conclude praying that in our institution let management, staff, students and parents work in collaboration in joint efforts for the Glory of the CARMEL SCHOOL.

Sr. Marykutty Mathew