Provincial’s Message

Dear Students, Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff, Parents and Well wishers,

Carmel school is situated in a village called Brambe is a dream come true for those less fortunate and lower strata of the society and its future. It is a School where Holistic development of the students are nurtured which leads through journey of excellence. It’s a place where a student can excel in every field. Carmel certainly is a school for life and the better future starts here.

Education is the key to change. It is an important tool that allows a person to understand his or her rights and responsibilities towards his or her family, society, and nation. It improves a person’s ability to view the world and fight against social evils such as injustice, corruption, and violence of the society.

Education prepares its wings to fly and explore the surroundings while being confident and opportunistic. Education builds individuals, educated individuals build better societies, and better societies build great nations’ illiterate individual depends on others for his/her survival.

I am both glad and proud that Carmel School, Brambe is climbing the ladder in imparting the best of education with highly qualified staff. I am confident that the future is well secured for every student who is enrolled in Carmel School and I pray that each student is well equipped with values and ethics along with efficiency and knowledge.

May the Mother of Carmel bless and accompany you all !

Sr. Philomena Menezes